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The Worst Drivers: Don’t be one!

Everyone hates bad drivers, and at some point or another, everyone is a bad driver. We all have times that we are too distracted, too tired, or to hurried to make good driving decisions, but what are the absolute worst things that people do? What are the most dangerous or the most annoying things that people do every time we step out on to the road? Let’s hear some opinions!

  1. Ignoring Blind Spots – It seems like at least once a week that someone merges into my lane, or at least starts to merge, without even glancing first. It’s like they don’t even know other drivers are on the road at all.
  1. Tailgating – Come on now people! If you really think that riding directly on a driver’s bumper is going to motivate them to go any faster, you’re truly out of your mind. You’re not saving yourself any time, and you’re increasing your risk of being in an accident drastically. Imagine tailgating someone while walking in the mall – would you ever walk a foot behind someone? Pump the brakes and slide back a bit.
  1. MergingDoes anyone in Georgia know how to properly merge? Newsflash: The on ramp is designed for drivers to be up to highway speed by the time they merge! (Louder this time, for the people in the back) THE ON RAMP IS DESIGNED FOR DRIVERS TO BE UP TO HIGHWAY SPEED BY THE TIME THEY MERGE!
  1. Stay in Your LaneLet’s use a 3 lane highway for this example. Get in the right lane to exit, and only to exit. The middle lane is for cruising, this is where drivers should be going the speed limit. The far left lane is the fast lane: If nobody is in front of you, but someone is behind you, GET OUT OF THE FAST LANE! (Side note – if you’re travelling in the far right lane, merge to the left when you pass a merging ramp, you’ll help everyone out).
  1. No Respect for SemisOur regular sedans, on average, weigh about 5,000 pounds. An empty tractor-trailer weighs about 35,000 pounds, and as much as 80,000 pounds with a full load. Just take a second and think about that difference – a full load is SIXTEEN TIMES HEAVIER. Common sense says that it’s going to take them longer to stop and that it’s harder for them to adjust safely to road changes. Don’t be the guy that speeds up to get past them, or cuts them off, or tailgates them. I promise you that mathematically you do not get to your destination any faster by saving 9 seconds of being behind a semi.
  1. Last Second AdjustmentsPossibly the single most frustrating thing that people do is decide last second what they’re doing. They always seem to be merging across three lanes of traffic to make an exit, or slamming on their brakes to make a turn, or cutting off semi’s to make sure they’re not inconvenienced. Don’t be that guy.

Driving isn’t necessarily easy. It’s a dangerous activity to propel thousands of pounds of metal down a road at 70+ miles per hour. You take your life and the life of those around you into your hands every time you get behind the wheel – be smart about it. Don’t be careless or stupid. Make the right decisions, pay attention, and make sure that we all get where we’re going alive and on time.

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