Extended Warranties and Gap Insurance

Extended Warranties & Gap Insurance

Warranty Plans

Make sure you do not have a major repair and a car payment at the same time. With today’s rising repair costs, you should never allow yourself to be uncovered. Our extended warranty plans can be catered to your specific needs and driving habits. Do not be left stranded holding a costly car repair bill and without our extended warranty. Call us today for a free quote.

Gap Insurance 
MAC can also provide Gap Insurance that covers the “gap” between what your insurance company pays if your vehicle is totaled (or stolen) and the outstanding amount owed to your lender.

Vehicles are a depreciating asset and even if you put a good sum of money down, that does not necessarily guarantee that you do not need gap insurance. Why finance negative equity on to your new loan and increase your payment when you can purchase gap insurance to cover you for under 600.00? It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Contact us for more details.

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