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Every vehicle we purchase undergoes our inspection process before any decisions to resell it are made. If it passes on all levels, we will service it, detail it, and prepare it to be sold. If it does not pass our inspection process, we will auction it to other dealers or wholesale it for parts, depending on the value.
At Members AutoChoice, we use every possible tool we can for appraisals. If it is available, we use it. NADA Guides – NADA offers some of the most accurate used car pricing in the auto industry, based on quality.
Manheim Market Reports (MMR) – Another resource for finding the market value. Manheim Auto Auction is the largest auto auction in the United States and these reports are updated daily from millions of used car sales nationwide. With this data we are able to determine what your car would sell for in any region of the country.
Paint Meter – A small, handheld tool that measures thickness, quality, and damage to paint.
AutoCheck – A Vehicle History Report resource that displays data on owners, damage, and titling.
GRATIS Reports – A resource that shows any existing liens on vehicles.
All of these resources, combined with over 40 years of combined automotive experience gives MAC the upper hand in buying your vehicle.
No. All MAC offers are final and non-negotiable.
This depends on the type of modification, the market, and the type of vehicle. Sometimes modifications can void warranties or otherwise negatively affect the offer. This question cannot be fully answered until the time of your appraisal.
A well maintained vehicle will always be more valuable than one that has not been treated properly.
If possible, all titleholders need to be present for the sale. If one is unavailable for any reason, a phone conference will need to be held to determine the eligibility for sale.
Yes. The process doesn’t change much, MAC will still handle everything. We simply need your payoff information and some information about the lessor. To see what we need, click to view our title payoff letter.
First and foremost, the prices on NADA and MMRs are just guidelines. The actual price of the vehicle depends on variables that are specific to your individual vehicle. In addition, we must price your offer at a level that allows us to inspect and recondition the vehicle.
While selling your car won’t have any affect in and of itself, if you buy and sell a car simultaneously, you are eligible for a tax break. For further details, contact your MAC sales professional.
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