How Our Process Works

How the Process Works

Members AutoChoice is a point of sale dealer meaning you can secure your financing with any financial institution you choose or you can always just write a check for your new or used car.

Not a member of a credit union? No problem.
You do not have to be a member of a participating credit union in order to purchase one of Members AutoChoice’s quality used cars. If you would like to pay cash or if you need assistance in finding the right credit union to join, give us a call today! You can view our inventory here and get started today.

Interested in becoming a credit union member?
It’s easy! Call one of our convenient locations so we can assist you in finding the best credit union match to suit your needs. MAC can help you if you aren’t a member of a credit union, too. If you would like to pay cash, or if you need assistance in finding the right credit union to join, give us a call today!

Are you a member of a participating credit union?

  • To get started we request that each member get a loan preapproved with the credit union.
    •  If you are not currently a member of a credit union, you can find out more about Peach State Federal Credit Union here.
    • The credit union can assess each individual situation and credit report and determine the best interest rate that each member will receive. This enables the member to establish a comfortable monthly payment and loan term. You can skip this step if you are not applying for a loan to purchase your new vehicle.
  • Once your loan is pre-approved, contact us for your free auto consultation. Our trained staff will be happy to discuss vehicle specifics such as equipment you desire, mileage limitations, color choices, trade-in options, and price ranges. It is at this phase that we will use our knowledge of the car industry to help you choose a new or used vehicle to fit your needs and price range.
  • Once a vehicle is chosen, we will contact you and set a time that is convenient for you to test drive the vehicle. After your test drive we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.
  • If you like the vehicle you have the option to put down a non-refundable $300.00 deposit to ensure we do not sell the vehicle for 3 business days or you can purchase the vehicle on the spot.
  • If you purchase the vehicle on the spot, the credit union will handle the loan paperwork and we will have your vehicle paperwork all in one convenient location. Your Members Service representative at the credit union will go over your loan terms as well as optional payment protection plans to fit your individual needs.
  • A buyer has 14 days to legally obtain insurance on a vehicle if they have a policy in effect when they take delivery of a car. However, a buyer cannot get their tag without insurance being electronically filed with the DMV. Therefore, we recommend you obtain insurance on the same day you take delivery of your new car.
  • The delivery process can happen at any credit union location you choose with an appointment.

Service After the Sale
Our customer service continues after the sale. We will inform you of the best and most economical places to get your vehicle serviced. We will give you tips on the proper care for your car to maximize its value. We want you to be extremely satisfied and content with your purchase.

MAC will assist you in obtaining the most for your trade-in. Your trade-in is evaluated by a visual inspection, consultation with a MAC representative, and multiple market reports based on the condition of your vehicle at the time of inspection. MAC informs a network of wholesalers regarding your vehicles specifics and then obtains multiple sealed bids from them. As a result of the sealed bid process, wholesalers are competing for you trade-in to ensure you receive the highest market value.

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