MAC’s Vehicle Buying Process

The Process is Easy!

Step One: The Appointment

Set up an appointment in just a few minutes! Contact MAC at 678-546-5194 or email or complete the form below. Once your appointment is set, our appraiser will guide you to MAC location nearest you, or meet you at the specified location.

Step Two: The Appraisal

Let our experts inspect your vehicle: The appraisal amount will be determined by various factors, including interior/exterior condition, year, make and model, mileage, damage, and accessories. We then compare your vehicle to the current market values and conditions. You will receive your free written offer within a few hours, and the appraiser will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Step Three: The Offer

Get the highest possible offer for your vehicle! We use every advanced tool the industry provides to make sure that you are getting the highest possible offer: NADA, Manheim Market Reports, On-Site Paint Meters, AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports, and Gratis Checks. Click to see the FAQs for more information on these tools.

All of MAC’s written offers are good for up to 10 days OR 300 miles. This gives you the time you need to think about it, or the ability to make the deal at that very second. All of our offers are guaranteed to beat any CarMax written offers by $250.00 (must be a current, non-expired CarMax written offer).

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