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Winter can be harmful to your vehicle so it is important to educate yourself on how to prepare your car for freezing temperatures. Having your vehicle checked by an ASE certified mechanic before winter starts can eliminate many hardships and frustrations.

It is always good to keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule for your car especially when colder temperatures are approaching. Here are a few tips to help you keep your car in good standing.

By letting your engine warm up it allows the oil to warm for the pistons to have the proper lubrication and less friction on the engine, also you should check your battery cable connections for fraying and corrosion. If there is a white powdery substance on your battery, that is generally corrosion, caused by battery acid. Checking your batteries liquid electrolyte level is also important. You can also keep your battery warm by using a wrap or blanket. If [...]

We have all had those mornings where nothing seems to work right – the alarm didn’t go off, the shower was cold, the coffee didn’t brew, and you can’t seem to find your phone. After rushing around and likely running very late, there is nothing more aggravating than getting into your car only to find out that it won’t start.  As you turn the key you hear that dreaded clicking sound of your engine trying to turn over you may ask yourself, “should I just get back in bed and start this day all over again?”  The good news is that a dead battery is a simple problem to fix.  As long as you are prepared for the situation, a dead battery can go from a day-ruining event to a minor hang up.

Once you have determined that your issue is battery related, you can follow these simple steps and before you [...]

Everyone loves driving off in their new car for the first time. Getting to hear the engine roar for the first time, the new smell, and all the shiny new buttons and gadgets, there’s really nothing quite like it. After a few road trips or months of the mundane daily commute, the luster starts to wear and the truth sets in, you have another vehicle to maintain. Door dings from less than courteous drivers, bugs that love to call your bumper home, and rocks that mistook themselves for hail.  Don’t fall into the old tourist trap, “It’s just the normal wear and tear, there’s nothing I can do about it.” Well you can.

There are several different products that can keep your car looking new. One of the best available is the 3M [...]

You may have heard of winterizing a boat due to the frigid climate it is constantly enduring, but seldom do you hear of winterizing your car. Even though most of us depend on a car 365 days a year, it is rare to find people that prepare their cars for the environment they are being exposed to.

There are a few things you should always do to make sure your automobile is ready for winter conditions. Depending on how extreme the winter climate is, you may need specific tires. You could go with the all-weather tires year round, or may choose a snow tire that is studded for gripping in the ice and snow. Some people may even to use chains on their tires, although, if Georgia began to see snow to that effect, we’d have bigger problems than [...]

Today’s vehicles come from the factory with a protective layer of paint called clear coat that protects the color and gives it that deep glossy shine you can see your face in.  As a vehicle ages, contaminates such as acid rain and debris from the road begin to dull the clear coat finish.  In addition, vehicles will leak fluids while driving down the highway and if you are behind that vehicle, those fluids end up on yours; the fluids embed themselves into your clear coat and they can eventually ruin the paint finish.  But do not fear, by following these simple tips you can keep your vehicle looking new and help protect the clear coat at the same time.

  1. The first step is to wash the vehicle.  If you are washing it yourself at home, be sure to not use dishwashing liquid [...]
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