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Prepare your car for winter driving

Having moved from a single season state, to a full four-season state, keeping my vehicle in proper running condition in the winter months was a learning experience. Like many of today’s society I looked to the Internet for answers to my many questions about tire pressure, battery life, oil weight and so forth.

Here are some of the things I learned about keeping my vehicle in proper running condition in the colder months.

  1. Change the Oil. Your engine relies on oil to run smoothly. When the weather gets cold, oil can thicken and cause your vehicle to run rough or stop running all together.
  1. Check the Tire Pressure. When the weather gets cold, the pressure in your tires can drop, reducing your traction on slick roads. Keep your tires inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure to ensure safe driving and precise handling.

The holidays are a busy time as we spend time with family and friends. Statistics show that the 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Years are the busiest long-distance-travel period of the year. Many drivers travel 50 miles or more away from their hometown – more than any other time in the year.

This is also one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. According to a national study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 100 people die per day in car accidents across the US. The ten deadliest days are around holidays are Dec. 23 through Jan. 1.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), around 30 people are killed each day in the United States in crashes involving a drunk driver. That’s more than one per hour.

Of course, every person is different and alcohol affects everyone differently. Still, knowing what kind of impact a few drinks [...]

Everyone hates bad drivers, and at some point or another, everyone is a bad driver. We all have times that we are too distracted, too tired, or to hurried to make good driving decisions, but what are the absolute worst things that people do? What are the most dangerous or the most annoying things that people do every time we step out on to the road? Let’s hear some opinions!

  1. Ignoring Blind Spots – It seems like at least once a week that someone merges into my lane, or at least starts to merge, without even glancing first. It’s like they don’t even know other drivers are on the road at all.
  1. Tailgating – Come on now people! If you really think that riding directly on a driver’s bumper is going to motivate them to go any faster, you’re truly out of your mind. You’re not saving yourself any time, and [...]

Fall days may mean the end of soaking in the summer sun, but its prime time for fun family activities. Whether you’re picking apples or jumping in leaves, there’s a lot to love about autumn. From delicious recipes to kid-friendly crafts, your family will fall in love with fall all over again.

Fall Festivals in Georgia and Atlanta fill September and October with events galore for the entire family. Whether you enjoy time in the city at Chastain or Piedmont Park, or you prefer to head into the mountains and watch the leaves change, we’ve got a festival for you!

  • Coffee & Chrome – Car and Motorcycle Show  | October 08, 2016
    Coffee & Chrome – Car and Motorcycle Show is FREE and open to all year makes and models custom trucks, motorcycles and special interest vehicles.
  • Little 5 Points Halloween Festival & Parade  |  October 15, 2016
    The Little 5 Points [...]
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