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I have been having a ball with my Toyota Camry. Thank you for all your help in acquiring my red car. It drives like a dream. Any chance I get, I let other credit union members know what a great experience I had at Members AutoChoice. Thanks for all you do.”
—Catherine McTier

“I felt very comfortable working with Members AutoChoice. There were no surprises during closing and all paperwork was completed within an hour. I drove home in my new used car. In a previous experience with a dealership, I think my husband and I spent at least three hours purchasing a car. They played games with pricing and gave a hard sale on other purchasing items such as extended warranties, specials on oil changes and on and on. Trying to make you feel guilty if you don’t purchase them. Thank you to Brittney for being so helpful.”
—Nancy Lynn Lauinger

“The process of getting my car was very smooth and easy. Dakota was great to work with and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Member’s AutoChoice to anyone considering buying a car.”
—K. Black

“Dakota Groover was wonderful to work with. He’s a very good listener. I really appreciated his style of working with customers. He never made me feel pressured. I always felt very comfortable talking with him. I never felt I had to measure my words. He found exactly what I wanted, delivered it exactly when I wanted it. I feel like he got me the best value for my trade in and on purchasing my new vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised when I officially purchased the car. Everything was explained well and there were no surprises. He was very flexible and met me at times that were convenient for me. He was very easy to contact and he always responded promptly.”
—L. Pitcock

“I wanted to take a minute, and let you know how pleased we are with the great service we received from Dakota Groover, at the Athens, Ga. office. He was very professional and personal. He handled the purchase of the Ford Fusion we bought in a smooth and timely manner. We bought another vehicle previously from Members AutoChoice and have always been completely satisfied. Thank you for all of your excellent service.
—Dennis Gamadanis

“I have never had a more pleasurable car buying experience in my life. The [salesperson] even stayed after closing time to let me test drive the car I was looking to buy. I would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone in need of a great used car.”
—H. Eaton

“I have just one word: AWESOME!!! Car buying with MAC is hassle free. You just tell them the car you want and they’ll find the car for you. Aaron’s customer skills were exceptional!
—Joel Laccruche

“Working with MAC, we were right in line with where we wanted to be. I feel good about the purchase with Members AutoChoice…I was a little skeptical originally working with MAC mainly because it was not your stereotypical big box dealer, but it turns out that was an advantage and not a disadvantage. Thank you guys for your help.
—Nathan Trent Duncan

“My wife and I both got our cars and the staff at the Athens branch were so helpful ingetting the both of us exactly what we wanted.”
—Bruce Sewell

“I just got my car and the service that the Athens office gave to me was great. I have told everyone about Members AutoChoice, and the customer service that the staff showed was top of the line. I also love my low-miles car. Thank you Members AutoChoice, Athens branch.”
—Angela Walter

The BEST car purchase experience ever! No hassel, no fuss…just get ‘er done and that’s a wrap. I look forward to my next purchase.
— Tony and Joan Garrett

“I bought a Buick LeSabre from member auto choice. It is a late 2000 series car fully loaded. It now has around 160,000 miles on it. It has been a great car for my family. It has been very reliable transportation. The people I dealt with were courteous and very helpful keeping the car within our budget. I will get my next car through Members AutoChoice and recommend Members AutoChoice to everyone that wants to deal with honest and sincere people. I am a 3 time cancer survivor and through all my trials and tribulations getting this car was a blessing. Thank you” – Joe M.

“I recently purchased my second car from Members AutoChoice. What a great experience! Their knowledge, expertise, friendly staff and great service took all the anxiety out of buying a new car. I would highly recommend them and will definitely go back when I am in the need for another car.” – Catherine L.

“I bought two cars through Members AutoChoice from the Lawrenceville location. My wife and I have been very happy with the vehicles and Sean was great throughout the process each time. Thank you for providing this very important service to your members.” – Randy C.

“I just wanted to say “thanks” to Michelle for finding us a wonderful car! Working with Michelle has been a wonderful experience and I hope she is around for a very long time! I was putting off getting a new car because of the whole “car buying” experience. I hate to negotiate and I hate confrontation even more….I had to do none of that while buying this car from Members AutoChoice. I went in, told Michelle what I wanted and no more than a week later, I was driving the car that I wanted out of the parking lot, happy as a clam! I tell everyone about Members AutoChoice and people look at me with eyes wide in amazement! They can’t believe when I tell them that buying a car was actually a great experience! Thanks, Michelle!” – Anonymous

“When I first used Members AutoChoice the car I wanted was not easily available. I knew that my oldest son had purchased a car from the Lawrenceville MAC and had a great experience – that lead to his second car purchase through MAC. Now I have purchased 2 cars and had the best help and advice at the Suwanee branch that I have ever had in all of my past when purchasing a vehicle. Michelle and Dan couldn’t have been more helpful. MAC will be my family’s agent from now on to purchase any vehicle in the future.” – John H.

“First and foremost, the Members AutoChoice Representative listened to what I had to say before offering any information. At no time did I feel pressured to make a decision. He searched for the makes and models of vehicles that were of interest to me. Even though, he knew I had several plausible offers on the table, he did not fall into the typical car salesman routine of asking what it would take to gain my business. Instead, he provided me with think time and pertinent information that truly assisted in the decision making process. He was interested in helping me to find the right car at the right price whether it was one of [theirs] or someone else’s.

“It is seldom to find someone who has no hidden agenda when it comes to the purchase of a product. The whole experience was truly refreshing. Everything that needed to be done was completed efficiently, on a timely basis and with my best interest in mind. Their low key approach, kind demeanor and above all integrity are fine examples of what customer service is all about.” – Kathy H.

“I became curious about Members AutoChoice after seeing it advertised on the credit union’s website. When it came time to buy a new car, I decided to see just what this service really could do and decided on the car I wanted. I was given tons of information and all my questions were answered. I worked with the Suwanee office, was given a very fair trade and [PSFCU] handled my loan right there. [MAC] got the perfect car, answered my many questions with a smile, and went over everything with me when I picked it up. It was so easy. At first it seemed a bit odd to purchase a car without actually being in it, but I had shopped around, checked on-line and gotten information from [MAC]. My experience with Members AutoChoice was absolutely stress-free, pleasant and very professional. I’ve told everyone that this is the way to buy a car, and I love my new Honda CRV!” – Patty P.

“I began my new car search [but] wasted time and energy, which are both especially precious commodities considering that I was a first-year teacher! I decided to talk to Members AutoChoice about the car buying process. I walked in both hesitant and skeptical. I expected to be greeted with the same slyness and trickery that I met at [other places]. My expectations were entirely false. I would recommend Members AutoChoice to anyone. The experience was quick and free of hassle. I spent less than an hour of my time at the credit union and did absolutely no bartering. I will not buy another car without going through Members AutoChoice!” – Elisabeth C.

“I just wanted to let you know how easy you made the purchase of my new truck. I had gone to a local dealer and haggled what I thought was a good deal. [And] this is where I came across Members AutoChoice: When I went to Peach State Federal Credit Union to finance my new truck, I was told that if I bought through Members AutoChoice I would get a 1/2% lower interest rate and could probably get the truck at a better price. Not only did I get it for less, it also had several options that the other truck did not have. This was the easiest it has ever been to buy a new vehicle. I have told several people about how easy it was. Thanks again for saving me time and money.” – Brian B.

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience both Debbi and I had buying our automobile from you. I never expected on Monday morning when we walked in the Peach State Federal Credit Union to join that we would on the same afternoon walk out with the exact vehicle I thought would be almost impossible to get. The whole procedure was easy and without any stress, and it was a pleasure dealing with you and the folks at Peach State Federal.” – Ira and Debbi S.

“The best car buying experience I have ever had.” – Dante H.

“This was a great buying experience. Members AutoChoice was able to find the car I wanted at a great price and have it delivered a month sooner than the local dealers. I have recommended MAC to several friends.” – Bob A.

“Our family just bought its second car from Members AutoChoice. We got a deal on both purchases, but just as important, we didn’t have to play the car-buying game that takes place at most dealers. The Members AutoChoice team listen to what you want, find the car, help arrange the financing, and provide excellent customer service. We completed all of the paperwork within an hour, while it has taken us up to an hour to just get a price from a dealership. Bottom line… .Members AutoChoice offers great value and great service without the hassle you find elsewhere.” – Patrick R.

“Our experience with your service was fantastic! We enjoyed your kindness, as well as your knowledge and expertise in your field. Not only were you helpful, but you gave us insight and knowledge that made our car buying experience unlike any other. Your system is a “no pressure” “no haggle” approach that allows the buyer to feel at ease during the whole process. Thanks for your help!” – Willie & Sharon S.

“We’re still giddy about by the excellent customer service and attention to detail my wife and I received from the Members AutoChoice staff. The part your company played in closing the deal on our new vehicle exceeded all expectations and perhaps industry standards. Initially, we were leery of dealing with your company in the negotiating and purchase of a new vehicle. We’d not heard any horror stories regarding your company, but horrid stories regarding analogous companies in your business niche. However, our dealing with Members AutoChoice was nothing less than a heavenly experience. From the negotiation of final sale price to delivery, every effort was made to ascertain our ultimate satisfaction and get the best price possible. We don’t believe we could have negotiated a lower purchase price on a brand new 2004 in demand vehicle than we received from Members AutoChoice. In addition to excellent customer service, the ‘car pick up’ transaction was very efficient and well organized. It is worth saying that your service shall be recommended to family and friends that Members AutoChoice is one of the best services that we’ve ever used. Your service was indeed in competition with other like companies, however, your company “rose” to the occasion. We extend thanks to you and your team for nurturing the vision that the priority of customer service and value is paramount within your organization.” – Gregory F.

“I was most pleased with the professionalism and service provided by Members AutoChoice. I presented MAC with a need for a vehicle with very specific options, including color. They also had a short time deadline to meet my need for a year-end tax break. Undaunted, they pursued this vehicle enthusiastically, and never gave up. The staff never passed its frustration to me, always treating me with kindness and consideration. Not only did they locate a vehicle with the exact options and color requested, but they also got a great price! Members AutoChoice accomplished the impossible, and acted as if they did this every day. I believe they do! I guarantee that I will go back to MAC every time I wish to buy another vehicle, and highly recommend its services. I will never personally buy from a [anyone else] again!” – Marty A.

Homer and Blanche: One family’s Answer to Escalating Gas Prices
“This spring my beloved 2001 Honda Odyssey, “Homer,” started to develop what appeared to be the beginnings of a drinking problem. Gas was nearing $4.00 per gallon for regular, but Homer, a dependable friend with champagne taste, was designed to perform more efficiently on at least mid-grade gas. (On long trips, when he was fully loaded, we would treat him to the high grade stuff to clean him out!) My need to chauffeur children to school daily and his need for higher octane were draining my gas account rapidly. We needed a teetotaler.

My husband and I decided to look for a younger, smaller “slightly-used” sibling for Homer. We went on the Internet to see what was available and to dealers for test drives. After doing our homework, we concluded that an older Toyota Corolla CE would be a good companion for him. The process was looking grim because we are facing tuition for an out-of-state college, and dealers have suddenly discovered a future in smaller, more gas efficient cars. Who knew??

Thank heavens for Members AutoChoice! The representative at the Lawrenceville office saved the day. He found two pre-owned 2007 Corolla LE models, with creature comforts we didn’t think we could afford. We drove Homer to downtown Lawrenceville where he met his two potential cousins, and as a family, fell in love with “Blanche,” the little white one. Although she was kind of bland looking at first glance, she was also kind of cute and had lots of potential!

Our representative took care of all the adoption and paperwork details, gave Blanche a little pizazz with some tasteful silver pinstripes and some spiffy new wheel covers, and made sure she was well-oiled and ready to make a statement on the streets of metro Atlanta. We drove her out of the parking lot for less than we could have at any other reputable dealer.

My husband and I have purchased a few cars over the years, but we tend to purchase new vehicles and drive them until they go “tires up.” (I grew up with a mother who thought that buying a used car was buying someone else’s problems.) Purchasing a “slightly used” model was a new venture for us.

We needed to have confidence not only in the car, but also in the people who sold it to us. We undeniably found that in Members AutoChoice. We have never had a more enjoyable or easy experience. It was a breeze.

So if you have a lovable old car that is beginning to show signs of an octane issue that could break your bank account, you may want to check out Members AutoChoice, too. They will be happy to assist you and give you a little eco-friendly/financial breathing room with a “Blanche” of your own.

We are happy, Homer is happy resting in our garage (we will still take him out on large family outings and keep him until he goes “tires up”) and Blanche is happy to have found a family who loves her.” — Mary F.

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